Here are the photos from our travels to various parts of the world and major cities in the US.  We enjoy cruise transportation since we only have to "check into the hotel" once for the entire trip. Then we wake up in a new city/country after traveling overnight on the ship.

We'll typically shoot 3-5,000 photos between us, which means there's a huge weeding out at the end of the trip.  These photos are a combination of "best of" and "representative" photos to highlight the sights and significant features of each port-of-call.

All of these photos are a combination of Jackie's and Mike's photos except for Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, and Poland, which are exclusively Jackie's photos.  Mike had a computer problem and erased all his photos for those ports of call after we returned home.

For the Greek Islands and Italy, the ports were varied and extensive, so they justified their own web pages as you can see in the navigation buttons below. There are some amazing photos from a cruise through the Strait of Magellan around the tip of South America.  The newest photos are from a cruise to Norway and Iceland ... with stops at the Shetland and Faroe islands.

If your browser (such as Opera) allows for 120-150% image enlargement, you'll enjoy the larger images that result with magnification.

Buttons with bold font are complete... others in Italics are in process and will be coming shortly...

Alaska  Canada

Australia   New Zealand    Tasmania

Belgium   Denmark    Estonia    Germany    Netherlands   
Poland    Sweden   Russia

Croatia   Greece   Montenegro    Sicily  Turkey  Italy
Mykonos  Delos  Santorini  Rhodes  Athens    Venice   Amalfi

Bermuda   Hawaii    Mexico   

Vegas / Zion   Bryce Canyon   Grand Canyon   Yosemite Park  Santa Fe

BA & Montevideo  Falkland Isl  P. Madryn  Ushuaia  Puerto Montt 
Punta Arenas  Val/Santiago

Budapest   Szentendre   Vienna   Melk   Linz 
Passau   Regensberg   Nuremberg   Prague
In Transit

Livorno  Barcelona   Val & Mallorca   Trapani   Monte Carlo
Carthage  Naples Rome

Half Moon Aruba Curacao Panama Canal Costa Rica Zuiderdam

Copenhagen Bergen Akureyri Geiranger Lerwick
Reykjavik  Torshavn  Azamara

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