The Azamara Journey was specifically designed to be smaller than most cruise ships and filled bow-to-stern with first class facilities and appointments. And with just 694 guests onboard, it is a much friendlier, more casual way to travel. It was our first Azamara cruise but we met many people who a repeat travelers with Azamara, and we can see why.

The crew and staff are highly trained, long-term employees and have the confidence the skill to put passengers at ease with friendly, professional and thorough service. And the facilities and dining are excellent. Here are some on-board photos of the ship and personal photos.

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Azamara upper decks

Mike on the lap track

No Spa Diving???

Photo required to board ship

Main staircase

Our reflection in port

Passing a towed oil rig

Sunset on day One

Sunset day Two

Sunset Three

Shipmates Dorys and Alan


The theatre

Guest services

Shops and art

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