Valencia & Mallorca

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World-renowned (and city-born) architect Santiago Calatrava produced the futuristic City of Arts and Sciences (Ciutat de les Arts i les Cičncies), which contains an opera house/performing arts centre, a science museum, an IMAX cinema/planetaMrium, an oceanographic park and other structures such as a long covered walkway and restaurants. Calatrava is also responsible for the bridge named after him in the center of the city.  Quart Towers, is one of the twelve doors that was part of the ancient City Walls.

Majorca Peals:  First made on the Spanish island of Majorca in the Mediterranean over a century ago, Majorica pearls have a close resemblance to natural pearls.  Majorica pearls are not formed in mollusks but are man-made on a solid glass balls coated with a special paste: Majorica pearls lack individuality as every Majorica pearl is perfectly matched and round-shaped whereas no two oyster pearls are alike. Oyster pearl's peculiarity stems from its certain blemish just like birthmark or fingerprint.

Assembling for Tour

Another Arts and Sciences view

Another Arts and Sciences view

Valencia meat market

Valencia at night

Food Market

Another view of Arts and Sciences

Valencia's City of Arts and Sciences

Mallorca docks

Palma Mallorca Harbor

PM World's Largest Rose window

PM Glass Rods into Pearls

A Pearl is born

Pearl Capitol

Making Cameo Jewelry

Pearl Speciications and Samples

The Caves at Drache

The Caves at Drache

More Drache Caves

The Caves at Drach

Another Cathedral View

At the Beach

PM Roadside Sculpture

Our Ship