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Much of the old city of Trapani dates from the later medieval or early modern periods; there are no extant remains of the ancient city. Many of the city's historic buildings are designed in the Baroque style, including the Cloister of the Museum Pepoli (at the left). The city is renowned for its Easter procession, The Misteri, when the city's guilds carry groups of sculpted 17th century and 18th century religious statues through the streets in a procession lasting for 16 hours on Good Friday and Holy Saturday.


Trapani - Downtown

Castle of Venus in Erice

All streets lead up

Archways and Doorways

Altar Sculpture

Behold! More Tourists!

Trapani bakery

Plants used for sweetening

Setting up for the day

Local Critic

Happy Art

Cafe Treats

Corner Store

"Eat Mor Chikin"

Attractive Church

Hanging out

Streets of Ericee

Typical Erice buildings

The Tourists Descend

Local personalities

Trapani Church

Road to Erice

View from the Castle

Sicilian Western Coast