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Bermuda is eminently civilized... pristine in its cleanliness... incredibly colorful with water and flowers... and picturesque from many different perspectives.

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Cambridge Beaches

Statue in front entry

The grounds

Antique wall

By the pool

Connecting bridge

Island off the bridge

Looking back

Another perspective

Natural stone formation

Scooter fun

and more...

Botanical garden

Low swing(s)...

Fern house

Formal garden

Ready for the beach

Fort at the tip of the island

Protecting the fort

Boat launch nearby

Quiet solitude

Heading for Hamilton

Docking for cruise ship

Downtown Hamilton

Hamilton waterfront

Memorable tree

Welcome to my shop!

Shopping success

Dockside cruise ships

Back to our hotel

Bermuda architecture


Map of Fort Scaur

Inside the fort

Most of the fort is underground

The way down

World's smallest drawbridge

It rises for sailboat masts

Colorful coastline

Natural sheltered swimming pool

Spectacular tide pools

And more...

A little rock climb

More rough coast

Rooftops like an abstract painting

Beautiful in the evening

Incredible water at the beach

From our patio

A happy place

Clouds at sunset

Sunset deepens

Off to dinner