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Docking at Talin

First church

Well restored

And another...

Honoring national poet

Glass blower at work

Gold shop

Local art

Over the rooftops... our ship

Street vendors

A reflection

At the castle

Where's the second story?

Local art

Street vendors are pretty

Memorial to a Peeping Tom

Town square

St. Michaels Convent and city walls

Shopping promenade


Beer promotion...


Entrance to monastery

Door for little people

Lunch in the Square

High city walls

Enroute to village

Recreated country village

Old country house

Built to last... with beauty

Spartan living

Local crafts

Now THAT is a stone house!

Mother and daughter crafts

Spinning their own wool

And they harnessed the wind

Working farm wagon

In the barn

Old wagon wheel

Improved tractor

Even the church was thatched

With a 15-pipe organ

Local taxi

Back to the ship