Falkland Islands

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We didn't know what to expect with the Falkland Islands.  Desolate?  Yes.  Windswept?  Yes.  Lonely?  Yes.  But we were lucky to have one of the rare days of good weather and it was a chance to travel across 20+ miles of desolate moors and peat bogs to the coast... to a rare colony of Rock Hopper penguins.  And they have whimsical personalities (as we've tried to show with the photos).  There are 2500 people on the Falklands, caring for 300,000 sheep.  So there's no doubt where the attention is. 

In describing the war between the United Kingdom and Argentina over the Falklands, it is said that it was "like two bald men fighting over a comb."  Despite the questionable value, the Falklands had a certain charm and beauty... and the Rock Hoppers were charming.

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The barren islands

Colorful roofs

and a welcoming sign

Lots of land and few people

Mired in a bog in transit

There are 299,999 more of these guys

River of stones in the moors

Spectacular coast

These guys are friendly!

I love baskin' in the sun!

Soloist and his backup.

OK. Who's gonna go first?

Hangin' out...

I don't want to behave!

I promise never to do it again...

Choice Penguin Plot

Red eye...

Where's my coffee?

At last... nap time!

Oh what a beautiful morning!

Everybody doing their own thing...

Then we're (almost) agreed...

You really DO need a bath...

Do I really have to do this?

If I can just sneak past Mom...

You're joking!

This car will climb over THAT?

The long road back to town

Falklands harbor

Whalebone arch

Back in town

In the church