The Geirangerfjord is so unique it has been included on UNESCO’s world heritage list. At the entrance to the fjord lies the Art Nouveau city of Ålesund, named Norway’s most beautiful city. This fjord is surrounded by the steepest and, one is almost tempted to say, the most preposterous mountains on the entire west coast. It is very narrow and has no habitable shore area, for the precipitous heights rise in sheer and rugged strata almost straight out of the water. Foaming waterfalls plunge into the fjord from jagged peaks. There are, however, a few mountain farms here, and of these one or two have such hazardous access, by paths that wind around steep precipices, and by bridges that are fixed to the mountain with iron bolts and rings, that they bear witness in a most striking way to the remarkable powers of invention which the challenges of nature have developed in man.

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Geiranger fjord

Camping along the river

Typical scenery

Along the river

Up into the mountains

Herdalsetra farm

Farm products

Source of milk

Entrance to working farm

Farm buildings and stream

Farm waterfall

Farm ponies

What he thinks of tourists

Farm museum

Boiling down milk for cheese

Got anything for me in there?

Chasing photos...

Great photo op

Octangular church

Near Kyrkjemra where titans fought

Peaceful fjord

In the mountains

Beautiful fjord

Land of mountains

Looking back at the ship

Downtown Geiranger

Residential Geiranger

Souvenirs abound

Leaving Geiranger

One of many waterfalls

Another view

Out to sea