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Warnemunde had many great surprises. The first was a tall ships regatta that sailed continuously in the ship channel where we were docked.  The first photo in particular was worth sprucing up in Photoshop (I have a 17 x 22 print on the wall of my office at home).  But Warnemunde was alone.  A short train ride took us into Rostock which had a great collection of architectural sights and shopping areas.  Finally, we went to the seaside resort at Warnemunde that carried forward the interesting photo subjects.  And remember, all of this is in an area that is East Germany, and hasn't been seen by Western travellers for many years.

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Tall Ships Regatta at Warnemunde

More Tall Ships

and more

and more...

and more...

and more...

Cathedral in Rostock

Town square at Rostock

Rostock cathedral

Inside cathedral

Train from Warnemunde to Rostock

Rostock station

Another cathedral

Fountain in town

Rising from the rubble

Typical Street

Kinetic Sculpture in Rostock

Shopping Promenade

Local personality

Open air market

Sculptures in the Square

Local Color

Home from the dock

Cathedral in the country

Cisterian Monastery

Interior cathedral

Cathedral renovation

Resort beach

Burial Effigies

Along the boardwalk

High wind warning

Warnemunde Resort Hotel on shore

Countryside harvest

The dock at night

Neighboring ship at night