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Hawaii is a spectacular place with craggy coasts... volcanos... lush gardens... and a lot of history.

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North end of Hawaii

Zooming in

King at the roadside

Extinct crater lake

On the road

Along the way

Crater lake

Another view

Shells and stones graffiti

Owls Live!

So does MH...

So do whales!

Crater lake

Lava field

Lava patterns

Twisted rope lava pattern

Look for the red lava glow

The lava field goes on and on..

Stress point

Buried road there....

Greenery island

Active field

Another semi active crater

Back to the coast - tidepools

Tree at shop

The town waterfront

Anohter cool tree

The north coast

Three beautiful waterfalls

and Jackie

Stream through rain forest

Impressive waterfall

A tour

Coffee factory

Hillside cemetary

With its little church

Seaside park

Sea turtle in the wild


Serenity in the park

TOtem builder at work
Our helicopter lands


Up and away

The countryside

Crater within a crater

An active crater

Another view

Red lava flow from above

Inland over the farms

Along the coast

Rough and rocky

Incredible waterfalls

And another

Back in the valley

High color water and rainbow

Nearing the airfield

A gorge runs through it

Sunset over the mountains