Puerto Madryn

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Puerto Madryn is on the coast of the most desolate part of Argentina's Patagonia.  Settlers had a very rugged time settling the area and a drive down the coast drives that point home -- see the landscape where the Guanacos hang out (below).  The day's activities included a very well developed paleontology museum... a leisurely (and tepid) float down a little river... and a visit to a farmer who collects rocks as a hobby.  It was not one of the best days (by a long shot) but it did have its moments.  And we selected the highlights for a quick tour.
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Dock activity... on to buses

The harbor

Working the next ship

Abandoned ship derelicts

Bleak and barren landscape

Argentinian Guanacos

The Museum

Big muncher

Very old native.

Giant seashell

Some dinosaurs were very small...

and very very big!

And mid-sized...

Reconstruction continues

On to the river float trip

Not exactly white water excitement...

But artful branches...

A little un-wild life

And a graceful image...

Another picturesque stump...

Muskrats galore?

In the home stretch

Serenade at the landing

Peaceful fields

Then to visit a farmer who collects...


and more stones...

and a pet parrot!

So... most of the action in Peurto Madryn was at the dock...