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The Melk Abbey is perched on a hill above the town of Melk and the Danube river... a beautiful spot.  The Abby is immaculate, beautifully decorated, and artfully designed to showcase a treasure-trove of fine art and sculpture.  Not only is it creatively laid out to accommodate tourists, it is also a school (as you'll see in the photos below).

The Abbey at Melk

Abbey scale model

View of the Danube from the Abbey

The town from the Abbey

The Abbey is also a school

Abbey entrance

Art lines the halls.

Abbey statue

Crazy quilt town layout

3D Moebius Strip Shelves

Library Telescope

Reuseable coffin

Fine art altar

No gilt spared

Cathedral Interior

Crucifix modern design

Hall of Mirrors

Incredible library of rare volumes

Sculptures in the walls

Screen of fine art

Gorgeous spiral staircase

Unique Wooden Clock

Hand museum image


Altar art

Downhill to town

Into town

Town square watchers

Open air market

Town square

Old painting of the Abbey

Map of Melk