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Sunset over Cabo San Lucas is spectacular.  We stayed at the Westin hotel, which is quite isolated from the countryside, so most of the photos are various shots of the hotel grounds, beaches, and shore... with a side trip into the town of Cabo San Lucas.

Our second trip was to Puerto Vallarta... with fishing... exotic art and other good stuff!

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The Westin with a "hole in the middle"

Beautiful grounds

Another perspective

Lovely spot

Sculptures abound...

Map of the grounds

Hillside construction

Lobby Sculpture

And more...

Terrariums in every startwell

Apartment suites on the hill

And lots of pools

You have to like bright color...

In the distance

Looking toward town

At the top of the hill

From the top of the hill

Looking inland

Isolated beaches

Along the hillside

Westin lobby

Through the portal

More sculpture

Abstract art (Junk)

Cabo waterfront

Cabo waterfront

Grotto by boat

Grotto II

Seals on vacation

Sighting a whale

Cabo from the water

Weird arcchitecture

Camera always at hand

Here too...

Here too...

and here....

Westin PV - Still colorful

From our balcony

Adjacent marina

The Westin PV

More sculpture


Hallway to our room

Main lobby

Lobby sculpture

and more...

Some of it is weird...

Some whimsical...

and more...

and more...

and more....

And all colorful.

Westin grounds

At the dock

Our hotel from the water

To the fishing grounds

Jackie connects

And lands it...

Mike's turn

Back at the dock

Two nice ones

Into the countryside

Along the road

Along the shore

Unusual currents

Lots to see

Sculpture Park

Abstract whale

Local art

Another lobby...

Beach along the coast

Interesting surf pattern


Downtown Puerto Vallarta


and more