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Kotor turned out to be a dreary place... but with a spectacular and scary bus ride up into the mountains, it was memorable.  The two little islands in the harbor were unique but we never did figure out why or how they came into being.  In the mountains, the road was so narrow that any time we met a car coming in the other direction, the bus was forced to back up  till it found a wide enough spot in the road for the car to pass.  And with no guard rails, it was fairly dicey every time it happened.

The spartan village on top of the mountain depended on selling blankets and local art for its survival... and it was barely making it.

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Approaching Kotor Montenegro

The churches in the channel

Welcoming committee

The other church

Another perspective

A friendly wave

Approaching the town

The village

Bus to the mountains

Climbing higher...

and higher...

near the top...

as high as we go.

Through the zoom lens

Mountain village

Shopping center

Rocky road

Palace of the king

Spartan furnishings

Down from the mountains

Kotor at night

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