B. Aires &  Montevideo

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We arrived too late in the day to tour Buenos Aires and that was unfortunate since many people told us it was beautiful.  The photos here are from the deck of our ship, Celebrity Cruise Lines ship, the Infinity.  It is obviously an incredibly busy port, and one of the striking photos is the brown water in the harbor.  It extends as far as the eye can see, and the sailboats below appear to be sailing across a clay dune.

Montevideo was a study in contrasts.  It's clear that the city was once an elegant living center. Major parts of the city have fallen into disrepair and ruin and it's a stark contrast of condition and style. The shoreline was well maintained with the picturesque tide pools.  The downtown area boasted some interesting and unique architectural themes.  Notice in the "Really big" tower that there are window air conditioners in the upper floors.  We walked all over the city, and it was an interesting and educational day.

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Statue at Harbor

Buenos Aires Skyline

Sailing Buenos Aires Harbor

Bridge to Nowhere

Graf Spee Anchor

Mixed Architecture

Major shipping port

Lots of Police.. even for dogs.

Once... an elegant part of town

Picturesque doorways

Hanging in there...

Veggies down the street

Lots of color

Elegant... in its day

Lady on the balcony

Heron in the tide pools

Must have been a huckuva barbecue

Hunting for lunch?


Back to town

Town Square and statue

Lots of activity...

One tower

The really big one!

Teatro Solis

Community Bulletin Board

From the Square

But still time for errands

Bulletin Board Panorama