Puerto Montt

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Susan and Jackie

One of the real bonuses from a trip is the opportunity to make new friends, and we were fortunate on this voyage to befriend Yuval and Susan Zaliouk. Yuval is a retired Musical Director for the Toledo Symphony and Susan is a retired dancer for the Royal Ballet of London.  Together they went on to found an international cookie company that sells the Almondina brand.  And you should try them! The Zaliouks are a fascinating and totally enjoyable couple and our friendship continues.

Mike and Yuval

Puerto Montt waterfront

Hillside houses

Rush hour traffic?

The town hi-rise

Mt. Orsono in the distance

Mt. Orsono's cone

On the way up

View from the top

Surrounded by color

Long trek to the top

Nearly  there...

Looking down in the valley.

Restaurant by the lake

Nice setup!

Protected by tree totem...

and patron fisherman

Vincente Perez Rosales Nat'l Park

Laguna Verde

Petrohue Falls

More Falls

The Falls run deep.

Waterfall through the leaves


and more...

And quiet reflections...

Look at that!


Back to the harbor

A guanaco... up close and personal

Here comes the taxi

In transit back to the ship

Back home to the ship