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Unfortunately, our visit to Amsterdam was marked with rain showers and overcast, so we didn't see as much as we'd hoped.  Nevertheless, there were some interesting sights as you'll see below.  We wandered the city briefly, and could see that it would have been much prettier on a sunny day.  The boats on the canals were unique.

Then we took off for the countryside.  A quick stop at a cheese maker was interesting but pretty much what we expected.  The seaside fishing village was touristy but interesting because the dike had been built right through the front yard... and up to the front door... of a row of houses.  Most of them raised the level of their houses to the top of the dike... but a few kept their houses "as is" and the second floor opens on the dike... interesting to see.  The huge "Tables" sculpture that we saw on our way back to the ship was unlike anything we'd seen before.

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Amsterdam immigration

City Canals

More canals

City hall

Palace at Dam Square

Houses at crazy angles

More canals

Unusual Houseboats

Seems like everybody has a boat

Perfect car for Amsterdam streets

Trash collection needed

Busy waterfront

Seaside village

Marken Harbor

Manicured for the tourists

and beautifully maintained

Welcome to the cheese factory

Mixing it up

Seaside shopping

Houses along the dike

Some built to the top of the dike

and some didn't.

School's Out

The Locals

Life in Volendam

Fishing Harbor

Sculpture on the way back to ship