New Zealand

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Entering the fjords

In the Channel

And more...

From the bridge...

some company...

and the mountains keep going... down


From a distance

Downtown Dunedin

Train to the mountains

A very small train...

From the walkway between cars

The lowlands

Taking shots

Going up

Rug sale in the highlands

Back to a castle in lowlands

Intrepid Piper

Castle grounds

Grounds overlook valley

Small port

Another train to the mountains

And they're gorgeous

and more...

The sheep farm.. the dog's the boss

With a little shearing

And back to Christchurch

Amazing tree


Old and New

Many Churches

Our guide was a character

Gorgeous Panorama

At the dock in Turanga

On the way to Rotorua

Most active volcanic area in world

The craters

Hot pond

Note the bubbles -- boiling water

Hot mud ponds bubbling

Stone in waves...

These are all over the place

Lunchtime entertainment

On top of the mountain

Waving Farewell


And surfing our waves

Saling into the sunset

The waterfront downtown

Diamond Princess

Aukland skyline

Closer into town

Twin towers

A sailing city!

America's Cup Winner

Around town...

Entering the Zoo

Zoo grounds...

Zoo grounds

A great lion ... or two..

Anybody got a saddle?

Gotta have one of these...

Victoria Park Market

On to the Museum

DaVinci Machine

Native Canoe

Eden Garden entrance

Amazing foliage

and more..

and more...

and more...

They're everywhere
Ready for the shot

Anyone want a pet emu?