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A Few Words on Photo Enhancement

Photographic enhancement is not new. Decades before computers and Photoshop, most professional photos were made as enhancements ... in the darkroom.  Techniques like "dodging", "burning", and "cropping" came from the darkroon techniques for controlling the passage of light -- through film -- to photographic paper. With today's digital cameras and personal computers, those techniques have assumed mind-boggling complexity and sophistication.  At the same time, computer software has made those tools available to anyone and everyone, and like most tools, they can be used well, or badly.

The intent of these enhancements is to demonstrate techniques that can "rescue" poorly photographed images... and other techniques that can add pizzazz to ho-hum images... and artfully compose other photo subjects in relation to each other. They all make use of Adobe's Photoshop program, and they all try to catch the eye and make the images more visually appealing.
Bryce Canyon
One of the first and most dramatic photo enhancements is blending multiple photos into a panorama.
(and you'll see panoramas of Alaska, Greece, and much more in the World Travels pages)
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Subject Original Photo En hancement

Brightened buildings and water… Replaced sky with brighter and clouds



Wanted to create more of a “painter-ly” effect by brightening and enhancing the center buildings and darkening he edges.

Blue Mosque – Istabul, Turkey

Enhanced color and contrast – replaced sky w’clouds

A Family Restoration

A friend asked to have his old family photo restored. Cloned out cracks and scratches and then adjusted brightness, contrast and color

Pike's Peak - Correct Color Cast

The original shot was saturated with blue since I forgot to shut off the indoor lighting camera setting. Adjusting the White Balance restored the natural lighting and appeal.

St Mark’s Square – Venice

Fixed lighting, contrast and color…Cloned out hanging light fixture… replaced sky w/clouds to match scene

Max’s daughter Eva

Selected the image of our granddaughter and cloned out cluttered background… Selected and moved cat closer to her.

Cathedral in St. Petersburg

Rescued a badly underexposed shot in a cathedral in St. Petersburg. Selected multiple sections of the photo for brightening, lightening, and color enhancement.

Regatta in Warnemunde Germany …

Replaced sky and added clouds thru rigging… enhanced color, contrast, etc…. added a second ship from separate photo.

Artful Cropping - Vegetable Stand

Selected and cropped an “artful” segment of the photo… then masked and highlighted the center and darkened the edges.

Grand Canyon - Enhancements

A good photo, but needed  color caste removal, brightening, color correction, and a more interesting and "compatible" sky.

Oriental Man - Photo Restoration

This badly marred photo is typical of old photos that have been folded and scratched. Used the Healing Brush to repair scratches and the Clone tool to recreate a more appealing left eye.

Mesa - Lighting Correction

Original photo was flat and colorless. Adjusted black, white, and mid-tone intensity to rescue original contrast and color.

Log Cabin - Correct Underexposure

Composited an under- and over-exposed image to achieve a blended and balanced exposure.

So. America Mountain - Color and Light

Enhanced color saturation, brightness and contrast. Then composited with a compatible cloud image.

Babies in the Clouds - A Collage

Selectively erasing a collection of images (overlaid with clouds) nestled the babies in the clouds.

Venice - Composite Artistic Imaging

Combined Geisha and Venice bridge with a gradient mask to blend the two into an artistic composite.

Rescued Harpist - Lighting

This horribly underexposed photo was rescued with lighting, color, and contrast adjustments.

Bull in China Shop - Compositing

Some careful image selections with an overlay of a China shop image... and voila!

Castle in Prague - Enhancement

Prague is a gorgeous place and this enhancement crops it to a panorama size, corrects the color cast, brightens the colors and adds clouds to the sky

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