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Nuremburg Railway Station
More than a dozen trains arrive and depart every minute... on-time!


Nuremberg map - very compact

Congress Hall for Hitler's Rallies

Hitler rally in process.. in the Hall

Parade grounds inside Hall

Sailing lake ... outside the Hall

Fortress ruins after WWII bombing

Fortress exterior walls

Bridge entrance to fortress

The entrance curves in the wall

Fortress completely rebuilt after war

Part of Castle complex

Parody of Durer's Hare

Reconstruction of fortress tower

Nuremberg after WWII bombing

Nuremberg today from the Fortress

Exit through fortress gate

Walled city inside Nuremberg

The wall continues for miles

On the way to the square

Open markets at Hauptmarket

Church on the square

Band concert at Hauptmarket

Busy city

Open Market shopping

Impromptu meeting

At the market after church

All dressed and combed

Documentation Center

Unusual modern fence

How many euros?

Market doll stand

Loved the beastly plumage

Intricate detail

Lebkuchen shop tile art

Surrounded by canal

The canal continues

Serenity in the city

Maybe even a little fishing...

Etched building art

Classic building sculpture

Always room for an owl

Sculptures abound

Study in Contrasts


Determination - Church of our Lady

Strange statue

Sunday morning excursion

Classy Jewelry store

Good buddies

A wedding party

A little refreshment

A little shopping

Happy faces in shops

Taking a break

There must be SOMETHING here..

"It pays to advertise"

Huddled masses

The flag controversy

Market Centerpiece

Wrapped in history

Town Hall

Heading for the train


Onward to Prague