Along the Way

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This collection of photos was taken "along the way" on shipboard... on buses... the train... and places that didn't quite fit anything else.

Viking Europa sister ship - Legend

Driving the ship - Captain's bridge

Esstregon on the river

Leaving Budapest

Entering Vienna

Docked at Melk

Blanket Art every day in our room

Entering lock before Passau

Strudel demo and competition

Afternoon snacks

Ship's lounge

Hunting for the shot

On the way to Regensberg

Passing Passau from ships lounge

Leaving ship for Nuremberg bus

On the road

Docking at Passau

Bus ride to Regensberg

Old city map

Lunch at a brewery

... under an alligator

En route to the Gorge

Gorge Cliffs

Nearly there

Happy Camper

Swans along the shore

Leaving for Prague

Mozart Lecture

Solar Panels Everywhere

Along the Autobahn

Evening Entertainment

On the way to Prague

Countryside from the train

Train station parking lot

On board photo...

Crossing into Czech Republic

It's a long way to Prague

Getting late

Happy together