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Rough seas to reach Gdansk

VW Imports at the dock

Tourist welcoming ship

Searching for the city square

Mini-tank memento

Incredibly ornate doorways

Portal to central city

Where the action is

Team cycling

Bank entrance

Another portal

Bit of local color

Local color with street artist

Riverfront Gdansk

Lost his head

City building at head of promenade

Neptune guards Town Hall

and Polish art below

Central Square

Visitor helpers

Main Street

Many colors of Delugi Street

Selling commemoratives

Door to the jail

Prison Tower


Building adornment

Doll seller


School kids on an outing

World war II ruin

A little repair work needed

Merchant homes and crane

Grain elevator

Solidarity monument

In memory of Solidarity

Pipes carry heat throughout the city

Neighborhood architecture

A lot of work left

Back to the ship