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Prague is a gorgeous city as you can see from the first photo of the bridge.  The enormous castle on the hill overlooks a city that is filled with classic architecture, art, and natural beauty.

Prague Castle and Bridge

David Eurostar (our hotel)

Morning along riverfront

Morning haze across the river

Castle in the distance

Protect against running aground

Bdhind the barrier

Ready for fishing

Entrance to the bridge

Crucifix on the bridge

Coming closer to the Castle

Crossing the bridge

More bridge sculpture

Canal near bridge
Bridge between homes

Art and flowers on riverfront

Czech Railway Station


Repaving centuries old Charles bridge

Exiting the bridge

Always lots to see

Side street

Climbing to the Castle

Street Promenade

Castle Entrance

More Restoration

Church Entrance

Castle Cathedral

Cathedral restoration

Impressive Detail

And the clock is on time

Reaching for the sky

Scene from morality play

Style everywhere

Thoughtful reflection

Castle Sculpture

Modern Sculpture in Courtyard

Security close at hand

Hired help

Prague from Castle walls

Ledeburska Gardens

More hillside gardens

Many steps  down through the garden

On the way down

At the bottom of the steps

Down from Castle

Easy rider

City of contrasts

On the town square

New reflects old

Slow and steady

Forge ahead

Friendly restaurant

Home delivery?

Toys for tots

Anyone for chess?

Cathedral on the Square

Even cathedrals need roof repair

Famous tower clock

Clock entertainment on the hour

Another impressive tower

and rooftop sculpture

Reflections on main street

Back along the river

Along the riverfront

Gentle spillways

Try interior decorating with those walls

Riverfront avenue

Last look at the river