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Before reaching Regensberg, we ran out of river -- the river level was down to the point that our ship could go no further.  So we boarded a bus for the hour ride to... and from... Regensburg.  The town is known for its ancient bridge and it had a lot of local color and architectural highlights.

The road to Regensberg

12th Century stone bridge

Beneath the bridge

Dock statues

Articulated buses

Away from the tourist crowds

Cobblestone side street

Blooms as Nussknacker


Boy and his Dad

Complex structures


Everyday activity

Faces at the window

From old stone to satellite dish

German streetcleaner

Old and new gateway

Goliath House

Local musicians


Lone biker and many tourists

Traditional costumes

Watching from above

World's oldest sausage house

Regensberg model

Busy downtown

Bright church wall

Flowerboxes abound

A wedding in progress

Nearby rebuilding goes on

Embarking on the Gorge trip

Countryside en route to river gorge

The local ferry

The Gorge

More Cliffs

Approaching the Abbey

Abbey ceiling

The Abbey altar

The altar up close

The artist includes himself

Touching Abbey memorial

Abbey statue

Solar Farm

The waiting ship

Map of the river gorge trip