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Ship channel in St. Petersburg

At the dock.. an optimist

Big tug for big ships!

Reception committee at immigration

Along the waterway

Near our ship... a submarine

Our ship at the dock

In transit through the city

In front of the palace

The palace of Peter the Great

The full palace

At the entrnce... gold everywhere

And more gold

Typical ceiling painting

Impressive paintings

and more...

Gold ballroom

Reception room

Dueling cameras

Fine dining

Lounging room

Reception area

Typical doorway decoration

Sitting room

Another sitting room

Peter the Great and wife

Credenza... unusual furniture everywhere

Peter's Study

The grand fountains and waterway

Is there ever too much?

View to the left

Waterway to the sea

Looking up at the palace

The central fountain

Walking through the grounds

One of our favorite fountains

The gardens go on and on

and more

Water-foil taxi departing

Map of the grounds

Metropolitan St. Petersburg


Church school

Peter the Great - with small head

Inside cathedral

Pageant in process

Gift shop

With great paintings

And boxes

And unusuall art

and more

Nesting eggs

Cathedral ceiling

And another cathedral...

The ceiling...

Stained glass with scaffolding

Catherine's Palace

Palace entrance

Catherine's dress

Palace gardens in the rain

The Hermitage Art Museum

Amazing hallway

Golden Peacock clock

Rembrandt room - 50+ masterpieces

One of 12,000 paintings

And there are 400,000 drawings

More St. Petersburg

And more...

But a lot of garbage around town

Another catedral

Along the way

Reboarding at the end of the day


More Russians

More Russians

St. Petersburg sunset

Long View of St. Petersburg

Another perspective

Sharp Contrasts

Gold domes dominate

Turning the ship in mid channel

Cupolas and Sculpture

Port activity

On our way...

Hammer and Sickle flags

At work...


Lonely walk

Another liner...

or two...

and away...

to the sea