Valparaiso & Santiago

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On this last day of our trip, we had a tour of Valparaiso and Santiago to fill the 10 hours we had to wait to board our plane home.  Valparaiso is the sea port and  is understandably crowded and somewhat run down. You'll see that in both cities all of the electric and other utilities are run through wires atop telephone-type poles. One can only wonder how the service people solve and fix electrical outages... it must be a nightmare.  Valparaiso did have a lot of character and was unique in its own way.

By contrast, Santiago -- the capitol of Chile -- is a clean and cosmopolitan metropolis. The amazing fact is the Santiago is nearly as large as New York City with 7 million people, and it dwarfs Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and the other major US cities. It also connects to other cities by a very modern, high-capcity highway system. It combines new an old architecture and design throughout, and has a number of very beautiful spots.

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Docking at Valparaiso

Early morning Valpariso

Valparaiso from the hill

Valparaiso market

Getting the Sunday paper

Bridge Grafitti

Sunday morning street

Stacked buildings

All utilities are above ground on poles

And it's a LOT

Architectural contrasts

Valparaiso Hostal

Plaza Memorial

Vina del Mar flower clock

Vina del Mar Coast


Easter Island monument

One determined lady

Statue along the way

Upscale Vina del Mar

En route to Santiago

Almond orchard along the road

Local flowers

El Molino Ranch

Entertainment at lunch

Plump Patagonian Choique


Above the Ranch

Santiago Park

Santiago Cathedral

On the plaza

Big and Little Warriors

Cathedral reflection

Santiago architecture

New and Old


In the cathedral

In the cathedral

In the cathedral

Santiago's main cathedral

Sunday in the park

San Cristobal pool

Waiting for the bus

Building detail

Sprawling Santiago

Santiago skyline