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Santorini was a charming and beautiful town.  It covers the mountain top and represents quite a challenge of construction and getting around.  And the views are spectacular.

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High atop Santorini

An amazing town on a mountain

Typical view

On the hill side

More hill side

Jackie filming

Looking down at the shore

Edge of town

And even a windmill

Even a terraced swimming pool

Every walkway has a view

To a courtyard

Local art

Downstairs shop

The buildings are sculptures

And more...

Windmill at the top..

And bells...

Man's best friend

And more bells

It pays to advertise

Shops and restaurants

A little of everything

Jackie inspection

Our ship from the town

Santorini Cathdral

Street Vendor

Popular port

Lift to the bottom

On the way down

Nearby mine

Along the way

On the shore

Departing Santorini

From the sea

The town covers the mountain