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Open air market

Parks everywhere

and harbor

On the waterfront

Time for a quick dunk

The palace

Palace closeup

The palace and guard


City of Bridges

Rune Stone

Gun Sculpture

Mainstreet promenade

Public square

Museum on the river

Interesting buildings everywhere

Entering the old city

Interesting side streets

St. George and the dragon

Typical shop

And fun bazaars

Tea house on the water

Clever Mime

On the waterfront

Another Promenade

Royal Theatre

Entrance a Village on the Hilltop

Skansen Map

Skansen Hay Field

Village potter

Village Center

Spice Shop

Woodworker Shop

Skansen Chapel

Village Baker

Lookout Outpust

Bright, cheerful and small

Note the molds...

Carpentry... or Medievil Torture?

Modern Art Gallery

The Amazing Vasa Ship Museum

Vasa side view

Model Replica

Original Vasa carvings

Another View

The ship is the whole museum

Riddarholmen Terrass

Here's how they raised Vasa

Vasa from across the harbor

Waterfront from across the harbor

Another view

and another...

Casting off

Leaving Stockholm

Leaving behind - Archipilago