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Istanbul Turkey is larger than New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, all rolled into one.  More that 17 million people in a walled city that is many centuries old.  It really gives one an appreciation of history... going back more than 2000 years. For example, in the Sophia Temple, there are 2-3 inch deep indentations on each side of the entry doors where guards literally compressed the marble floor with hundreds of years of standing guard.

 From Istanbul, we sailed to Kusadasi, the site of the famous ruins of Ephesus.  Kusadasi is also the center of weaving for fine Turkish carpets and we saw the whole process, starting with the laborious extraction of silk thread from silkworm cocoons.  It turns out the silk is such a hard texture that a weaver can only weave for 15 minutes at a time... with a 45-minute break.  Weaving a silk carpet takes a LONG time.

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The Blue Mosque in Istanbul

Look crowded?  It is!

Kids on an outing

The wall goes on for miles

Entrance to the Sultan's palace

Ceiling work...

Blue Mosque interior

Lots of Minarets

City streets are packed

They still have cell phones

The main bridge - traffic and fishing.

Entrance to the Grand Bazaar..

To exotic lamps...



Musical instruments...

The Grand Bazaar covers miles

Temple Sofia

Palace park

Impressive scaffolding

Sofia was huge...

Interesting parks...

Mother love - it's universal

Our trusty ship - The Nautica


Flying over Kusadasi

In the harbor

The Founder

Truth in Marketing

Entrance to Ephesus

Casual observer

Entrance to the city

The amphitheatre

Town map

Down the main street

The Library

Artifacts everywhere

Private home

Guess what....

The Library

Another view

The big amphitheatre

Another view

From the front

Kusadasi Long View

Silk worm cocoons

Extracting silk from cocoons

Weaving a silk carpet - 15 minutes at a time

The result - more than a year to do

It pays to advertise!

Closing the sale

Ksadasi skyline

Leaving port