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Ushuaia is a natural wonderland, with spectacular mountains and unique colonies of wildlife.  These photos show several wildlife habitats of sea lions and cormorants.  It's amazing how these animals congregate by hundreds and thousands on a particular island or mound of rock... and they live together on the rocky islands with no conflicts.

Ushuaia Panorama

Rainbow in the National Park

Cormorant Island

Ushuaia harbor in early morning

Crowded docks

End of the World

Headed for Antarctica

Once a penal colony

Now a crowded city

With colorful suburbs

Different March of the Penguins

Entering the National Park

Smoke Signals?

Ensenada Bay

Bay Shoreline

Forests of Lenga

Distant Mountains

Tierra del Fuego National Park

Not a creature was stirring

Serenity in the wild

Unique Foliage

Natural beauty

by Lapataia Bay

Storm cloud passing

On the way to the catamaran

Here the catamaran.

Approaching the first stop

First cormorant colony

The alert and the snoozing

Cormorant picnic?

Isla de log pajaros

Lichen rocks

Beauty everywhere

Hanging out

Beagle Channel vista

Quite a perch

Lighthouse at the end of the world

Sea Lions have their spot

And like it just fine!

Afternoon calm

Coming in for a landing

Naptime in Paradise

Some want to play

Waking up friends

I'm down here!

Getting along together

Everybody..... Smile!

How's this?

This is my best side!

Some guys just want to be on top.

Feel those BTUs!

Getting a little crowded...

I called this meeting to...

Don't forget the gulls...

The peaks.

Always room for one more.

Found his own spot

But did he?

Looking back at the Beagle Channel

Viewing perch.

Back to town

It's cold... but it's still summer.

End of the World

Always room for souvenirs

and some nice ones...

Outside the Post Office

Room for grafitti

Back on board