Las Vegas - Zion

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Here's a panorama shot of Las Vegas from our hotel room at the Bellagio hotel.  This was the first stop in our excursion to Zion, Bryce and Grand Canyon National Parks and Vegas is a spectacular place in itself.  So we'll start with a photo tour of some Vegas highlights and then tour Zion National Park.

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Bellagio fountains in daylight

Fountains at night

At twilight

The Bellagio

Hotel lobby

Hotel Lobby

Gardens and statues everywhere

Ponds and pools

And Canals

Ornate architecture

Indoor mall

More of the mall

Bellagio casino

Architectural potpourri

No architecture is off limits

Something for everybody

From the Eiffel Tower

A little more Paris

The fountain... again

Evening approaches

Rome?  Vegas!

Mill in the hotel lobby

Molten chocolate cascade

Everything is BIG

Main street

Another mall

The mall continued

Trojan Horse



On the road to Zion

Fluid stone in lowlands

Rising out of the desert

Entering Zion

Spectacular cliffs

which continue...

and more...

Rugged peaks

Deep valley

From the visitor center

The long view

Rows of Mountains

Fluid texture to this mountain

Head of the canyon

A river runs through it

A lasting memory